Love is a symphony of colored sounds that pictures your black and white lonely world

Chromatica is a VR project selected and financed by The Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality a programme developed by La Biennale di Venezia to navigate the most innovative and exciting technology of today – Virtual Reality.

Reverse + 8Production

The keyword: experimentation.
The common denominator: the artistic vision.
The plus: sharing resources and skills.
The merging of two distinct and complementary realities redefines our borders and increases explorative potentials.
We are an open world, interconnected, designed to help you revolutionize your business.
Make your mark, show your difference.

Artistic View

In the Poetics of Aristotle we read that man is the most mimic among animals, and is through the miming that gets all his knowledge. Man, through the senses, understands the world, which is imprinted on him, allowing him to evolve and to know himself.
Art, in all its forms, has always sought to stimulate the senses of man to reveal him the invisible, the essence of the world. Virtual Reality is a new frontier of knowledge, a new way of exploring, a new language of human evolution, and we want to be pioneers of a creative turning point.

More than 360° VR video

The modern tools available today make it possible to imagine a completely new cinematic language.
We are using the latest generation technologies to produce 360° 3D videos, 360° 3D first person experiences and Mixed Reality videos, capable of immersing the audience in a hyper-space that can be observed in every direction.
We don’t just use the technology, we add our artistic identity.
The potential of Virtual Reality videos is expanding our concept of creativity: we don’t just create videos, we create experiences.
We are pursuing research and experimentation, oriented towards a cinematographic revolution in which we want to be pioneers.
Our products are aimed at companies looking for innovative communication tools that want to transmit information dynamically and intervening on new levels of experience to surprise their audiences.
We offer concrete solutions with artistic and sensorial effectiveness, working with many national and international partners.
Be your opportunity to change.