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The Patrons of the Arts promote, restore, and conserve the artistic patrimony of the collections and buildings of the Vatican Museums. This great institution in need of a new look put faith in us. Finding a coherent and outstanding identity for Patrons of the Arts and the 26 Chapters, that so far have kept different identities, has been our challenge.

By redesigning the logo and website without changing their characteristics and recognizability we wanted to achieve a contemporary yet timeless feeling at the same time, and also focus our attention on an effective user experience with specific objectives such as educating the audiences and deepening their engagement with The Patrons of the Arts’ mission.

The new design ensures that the logo is innovative without losing its original refinement and historical aspect of representing the coat of arms of the Vatican City. And, as a plus, ensures an increased sharpness on digital devices and in printing.


This new global identity in accordance with Chapters brings the desired consistency, fundamental for a modern narration of a brand with such a great history and purpose.

Art Direction & DesignVincenzo Alfidi

UX & UIAndrea Perini

CTOGabriele Giaccari