Terre Ritrovate arises from the need to give a voice and value to local producers and social enterprises. Farmers, agriculturalists, food producers: realities united by the desire to improve people’s health by selling genuine products with a high social impact. It was with this in mind that we identified the name, created the logo and defined the brand Terre Ritrovate.

Terre ritrovate is now a newly born brand with a strong and distinctive identity: a global narration that enhances and helps identify all the genuineness and precious simplicity of this project.

The identity we’ve created aims to highlight the values of diversity within a common feeling. Today more than ten local producers collaborate on the project, supported by numerous partners, with the mutual goal of promoting the territory by enhancing local productions

In the website, we’ve wanted all the producers to appear with their faces and to communicate in their own words the passion contained in every single item that can be purchased in the e-commerce section, constructing an engaging and emotional storytelling that goes beyond the simple act of selling.

Art Direction & IllustrationEleonora Invernizzi

Project ManagementChiara Palmas